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managed services

Extend Your Capabilities

The InaCOMP brand of managed services extend the capabilities of your IT operation by providing flexible, around-the-clock, cost-effective IT support services—so you can focus your time and resources on core business requirements.

managed services

Project Management

InaCOMP project managers assist you with large scale implementations, deployments and standard IT service delivery projects. Whether onsite or offsite, we’ll help you deliver your project on time and on budget.

managed services

People and Productivity

When it comes to managing your IT workforce, InaCOMP offers scalable solutions that fit your diverse requirements. We go the extra mile to ensure our professionals deliver peak performance but also mesh with your IT culture.

managed services

Technical Education

InaCOMP offers educational courses for IT professionals including factory-authorized support for Microsoft, HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, VMware and many more brands.

Whether you run a business, government agency or educational institution, you’ve probably found that maintaining skilled IT resources to manage your IT environment adds additional overhead and, in many cases, can be cost prohibitive.

Even if your budget can support the cost, the day-to-day firefighting and maintenance keeps your IT team from more strategic activities that support your core business goals. Ready to free up your IT resources and make sure you have resources that are completely comfortable supporting the latest technology? Our comprehensive IT Managed Support Services give you a complete set of IT management processes, skilled personnel, and support tools that deliver everything you need.

  • Availability: Our service desk is staffed 7 days, 24 hours, 365 days a year for your IT support requirements
  • Predictability: Predetermined costs for supporting your IT environment
  • Scalability: Leverages our team of support services personnel
  • Capability: Access to trained, certified engineers for solving both simple and complex IT performance issues
  • Reliability: Enjoy a simply better IT experience with our “always on” performance monitoring systems
  • Accountability: Single point of contact Service Desk for all your IT issues
  • Performance: Data and reports that track up-time of network and devices as well as end-user ticket information
  • Collaboration: Monthly reports and Client Business Reviews to discuss past, current and future IT and business issues

We approach every service delivery engagements with a project management mindset. Our proven project management methodology, PM2, is based on best practices from the Project Management Institute, ITIL, Six Sigma and those developed internally. It’s a process that substantially reduces your risk while greatly increasing the likelihood of success. The appropriate level of project management is automatically built-in to every InaCOMP engagement. Your dedicated InaCOMP project manager becomes your primary point of contact and works closely with you to create key project documents to help manage and track your project:

  • Project Charter and Scope
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Communication Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Change Management Plan
  • Deliverable Acceptance Process and Form
  • Project Oversight and Management

Whether you’re looking at a three-week project or a multiple-month deployment involving hundreds or thousands of systems, you can breathe easy knowing your InaCOMP project manager is on the job to identify, coordinate and manage key activities, milestones and people so everything flows smoothly. And if issues do come up, you can rest assured knowing your InaCOMP project manager will bring about a prompt and satisfactory resolution.

From technical staff augmentation, direct placement services and full management of outsourced projects to technical education services and comprehensive workforce management solutions, you can count on us to deliver the specialized technical expertise and high-performance results you need.

Whether you need a managed project team to deliver a global solution, or a single help desk consultant for day-to-day operations, InaCOMP understands that finding the right resource goes beyond just technical expertise. We go the extra mile to ensure our professionals have the necessary technical and soft skills to not only deliver peak performance but also mesh with your IT culture.