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Since 1982, InaCOMP has been a leading provider of professional technology services to mid-market companies, including state and local governments, educational institutions and commercial businesses.   At one time, InaCOMP was the largest and most profitable computer distributor/aggregator in the United States. In a few short years, InaCOMP grew rapidly, negotiating several pivotal deals that positioned it as one of the most successful, high-growth companies in the country.  During the mid-1990s, InaCOMP marketed and distributed information technology products and services through a network of more than 1,500 business locations.

InaCOMP provides best-of-breed products that meet our rigorous standards for quality, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness from top-tier manufacturers.  More importantly, we pride ourselves on being among the first to recognize, research, test and adopt innovative solutions from our vendor partners, so we can implement the newest, proven technologies into our clients environments. Consider us your single source for a broad range of IT products and services including management, security, communications, server virtualization, storage, and data center design.  InaCOMP provides world-class IT services with our team of Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and HP-certified professionals.

InaCOMP specializes in assisting our clients with aligning information technology, process and people to business goals and objectives. With over three decades of practical experience garnered in real-world business environments, we’ve delivered measurable results for a wide range of organizations, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, representing an equally diverse range of industries. We’ve solidified our reputation as a trusted adviser and reliable source for a wide array of solutions, backed by a breadth of technology and industry expertise.

As professional solution architects, we build strong, long-term relationships that allow our sharp business acumen, keen analytics, cross-functional collaboration and creativity to come alive. As we enter our third decade, our commitment to your success is stronger than ever.

Contact us today to see for yourself, how InaCOMP’s high-energy team of experts can make a difference for you and the technology you employ.

Technology can make or break a company’s success. Furthermore, we know that changes in technology are constant and about to happen. As solution providers and IT organizations are responding to massive disruption in the industry, IT providers, business executives and department managers must come to the table with a new mindset. “IT as a service” dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for every enterprise. For this reason, businesses today need a trusted advisor who will work with them to deliver the most innovative and cost effective advanced technology solutions possible. Whether you’re a small start-up, educational institution, or a fortune 500 enterprise, InaCOMP’s sales, engineering and consultative teams have a proven record of executing technology solutions that deliver clear, concise and consistent value.

Technology purchasing decisions have always been based on an assessment of risk and reward. InaCOMP’s comprehensive, hands-on approach starts with the big picture, and then we drill down to the critical details. We design solutions to fit your specific objectives. InaCOMP’s successful IT implementations promise to dramatically increase revenues, cut costs, create competitive advantages, improve customer service, and boost employee productivity. This is what sets InaCOMP apart! As you grow, we’re partnering with you to ensure your IT infrastructure adapts to your changing needs; and as important, we create “Lifetime Clients”.

InaCOMP is an Advance Solution Provider of professional technology services to the Education, Government, SMB and Commercial marketplaces, representing an equally diverse range of industries in the great state of Michigan, Florida and Nation Wide. Thirty Four years is truly a lifetime in our profession, nonetheless we continue to deliver measurable results and ROI for a wide range of organizations.  Our innovation and customer-centric approach put you and your goals at the forefront of every solution. With every solution or service we provide, it’s our promise, “YOU WON’T PAY FOR EFFORT, YOU WILL PAY FOR RESULTS” and you will always meet the experts who are committed to making sure your technology drives that measurable results.

What matters to us is not only what we do, but also how we do it. InaCOMP’s values are more than a list of words; they are foundational to our culture of success. Openness, Collaboration, Mutual Dependency, Profession Delivery, Sustainable Growth and Innovation is our simple Mantra.  Our relentless passion and purpose is to consistently exceed your expectations and is built on a solid foundation of core values.

Core Value Statement

  • We value integrity, in an environment of mutual trust and respect, including fairness, teamwork, tolerance, family, and community, in our process of providing added value to our clients.
  • We value our clients and employees who are critical to our success. We especially appreciate our employees’ commitment to the Company; and in return seek to provide opportunities for them to develop.
  • We require fair profitability for continued success, and we reward our employees accordingly. We seek to exceed client expectations. We are committed to aspire to a higher set of values.

InaCOMP’s team of experts is ready to listen and understand your pain points, requirements and initiatives. With that knowledge, we can offer real-time solutions that support your goals and objectives. Our specialists ensure that InaCOMP’s solutions are:

  • Proven and continuously enhanced to remain at the forefront of innovation
  • Based on best practices, delivering ever-increasing value and productivity

Meet our team or contact us if you’re ready for InaCOMP’s Trusted Advisors and Knowledgeable Experts to solve your most pressing IT challenges.


The right 1st Step is critical to success. We always start with an open exchange of ideas & a thorough discovery. We determine who the primary stakeholders are and work with them to understand what needs to be accomplished. Together, we identify the unique business objectives and desired outcomes. It’s imperative that the individuals who will contribute to the success of the project are considered true “Stakeholders.” These individuals will participate throughout the entire process and project. True to “Our Core” & “Unique Value Proposition,” we leverage our team’s experience and expertise to guide our clients through the discovery process and document in detail the collective objectives before moving into the next phase, developing a Scope of Project.


After the team has established what the overall objectives are, we start building a solution mapped directly to the key stakeholders’ objectives and required business outcomes. Consideration is given to the solution architecture, budget and financial structure, implementation requirements, change management, operational sustainability and ROI. We strive to ensure that everyone involved in the development of the solution completely understands and embraces the end-goal.

Next, we are ready to present the solution(s) and offering(s) to the key stake-holders. The proposed solution and proof of concept are presented in a meaningful way that is relevant to the stakeholders and tied directly back to the key objectives previously established. It is our objective to share our expertise by discussing options for phased implementation, scalability, and procurement of the equipment and services necessary to achieve a successful project every step of the way, from the beginning through the eventual knowledge transfer and hand off.


Once the proposed solution has been given approval, it is time to execute. Internal and external kick-off meetings are scheduled and the team is assembled. InaCOMP’s project manager(s), engineers, sales and support staff are assigned their roles and responsibilities. During the kick-off meetings, we will thoroughly review the products, services, timelines, business objectives and desired and agreed upon outcomes for the project. This is InaCOMP’s “template for success” for each and every meeting with the stakeholders.


After the project has been successfully completed, it is time to review. We regroup as a team to review and exchange information with all stakeholders. We openly discuss whether we accomplished the desired outcomes, what worked well, what could have been done differently, and how we can improve in the future. We know this process will strengthen our on-going partnership, facilitate internal professional growth, and fine-tune our process and procedures. Moreover, we take a close look at all facets of the project, including, but not limited to our partnership and future relationship. From which provides us an effective vehicle for honest feedback in both directions. With this process we validate and establish an on-going and ever changing methodology we can use to improve our “product offerings, our people and processes,” and most importantly, provide a superior “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE”.

The Engagement phase is where InaCOMP’s “Unique Value Propositions” shines. This is where our score card is evaluated and thus where technology and our collective organizations must determine if the implemented solution conforms to our intended business outcome(s). We know through experience that this could potentially take days, weeks or sometimes months. Nevertheless, this is where a majority of our partnership earns its right be genuinely proud of the overall accomplishments. The questions we ask are relevant and necessary when evaluating the project. We ask questions such as; is the solution implemented actually contributing to the business objectives that were defined? Is your ROI being measured? Is it measured through efficiencies, visibility, reduced future capital IT spend, resources realigned to strategic line of business needs, and or cost savings in real dollars? This is the phase where the rubber meets the road and you have the ability to drive home the IT Relevancy that we collectively worked so hard to establish.

Lastly, and arguably one of the most important aspects of our partnership; at InaCOMP we understand our business is based upon referenceable clients. Knowing this, we recognize that “our front-line employee’s = our bottom-line results”. Our edict is to have LIFETIME CLIENTS, and requesting to use this and all projects as a potential case study, as well as asking for referral(s) is clearly an overall goal of ours. However, we know this is only possible if our efforts exceeded your expectations!

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