Financial Services

Client Computing and Workstations
Desktop Virtualization

Simplify software application deployment.

Financial Institutions

Deliver cloud services to customers.

Collaboration Experts

The most effective remote employee productivity.

Digital Signage

 Marketing promotions and customer announcements.

We support all major segments of the financial services industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures we offer you sound perspective and practical solutions that optimize your value chain. InaCOMP’s suite of services is designed to address the needs and challenges faced by all segments of the financial services industry. Each service is supported by dedicated financial services experts who can share industry best practices and insight, while partnering with you to build and deliver a tailored solution.
InaCOMP FInancial Services
InaCOMP’s IT Financial Services, include:

  • Network Services
  • Technology Deployment
  • Infrastructure Managed IT Services
  • Outsourced IT Support Services
  • Accelerate the rollout of new products and services to branch offices

  • Simplify software application deployment and upgrades

  • Streamline compliance

  • Enhance employee efficiency across branches and corporate offices

  • Deliver a superior end-user experience with voice and video collaboration capabilities

  • Download the Cisco Virtualization Brochure

  • Cisco Unified Data Center – compute, network and storage resources (link to Data Center)

  • Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network – a platform for delivering cloud services to customers and for connecting with other clouds, enhancing Cisco routing and switching solutions.

  • Procurement

  • Download the Cisco Strategy Document

We provide telepresence for remote expert training:

  • Effective team collaboration

  • Rapid problem resolution

  • Access to experts

  • Increased employee productivity

  • Training on new products and services

Digital signage gives banks and credit unions a powerful tool for engaging customers in the branch including:

  • Marketing and Promotions

  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Real-time Executive and internal communications providing training and company news throughout the organization

  • Cost-effectively share schedules, news and emergency alerts

  • Download the Cisco Bankers Poster