WELCOME! This is “Our Purpose, Our Mission, Our Commitment”

Steve Wozniak and Michael Kanan

“THE FUTURE OF INNOVATIVE THINKING” Michael Kanan, Co-founder of InaCOMP with Steve Wozniack, Co-founder of Apple.

In an industry where change occurs at lightning speed, thirty four years is an eternity. Companies and technologies have come and gone, but for over three decades, InaCOMP has worked with its partners and clients to create innovative, customized systems crafted with two primary factors in mind: The needs of people, and the needs of business. And we have built a great company in the process.

Behind every product we sell, behind every system we design, behind every solution we propose is a simple but significant philosophy: It isn’t up to people to meet the demands of technology; it is up to technology to meet the needs of people.

The result: Customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty. And that most coveted of commodities in the world of business: Trust.

InaCOMP’s clients know that we can be relied upon to deliver the right answers to their individual challenges, at the scale and price that are right for them. We’re the company that they turn to first for answers, and first for innovation.

We’re the company that, for the past thirty-eight years, has been their partner in success. We know that greatness is based upon understanding, not bravado; we’ve left the over-promising, overcharging, under-delivering, and under-servicing to the other guys, and made a completely client-centric approach the core of our business.

I’m proud of our achievements over the past three decades the roster of satisfied clients, and their many success stories; our tradition of innovation in our field; our first-class product offerings; our top-notch team of talented, dedicated professionals. And I look forward to putting InaCOMP to work for you, doing what it does best providing the right solutions to maximize your success.

On behalf of the entire InaCOMP team, I’d like to thank you for making us a recognized leader in the technology and information management industries. It’s been great working with you for the last thirty-eight years and we’re looking forward to delivering to you the best strategy, solutions, and service the next three decades can offer.


Michael Kanan
President – CEO