Device Solutions

device services
Extended Functionality

We provide the framework for device manufacturers.

device services
Richer Interactions

We formalize extensions and make them accessible.

device services
Manage Better Mobility

Greater introduction of personal devices into the environment.

device services
New Technologies

We help you expand and embrace new solutions.

At InaCOMP we provide a framework for device manufacturers to extend device functionality, and new APIs for applications to discover and access that extended functionality.

Device Services foster rich interaction between the PC and other devices by providing a model for devices to formalize extension capabilities and make these capabilities accessible to applications.

Several factors are changing the way you manage and deliver mobility and device services:

  • Reduction in IT budgets limits availability of resources

  • Emergence of new mobile devices, software, and improved
    operating systems

  • Introduction of personal devices into the IT environment

  • Need to secure personal and mobile devices

  • Rise of anytime, anywhere workers using multiple devices at different locations

Optimizing budgets, providing access to new technologies, and managing personal devices in the workplace does not have to be a complicated process.

You can embrace an expanding set of computing demands with a device and mobility services solution that reduces device management costs, improves business alignment, and increases security and compliance.