Cisco Solutions


Accelerate decision making and innovation by making face to face video from the desktop simple.

Employee Engagement

Organizations need solutions that can make it easier for employees to work away from the main office when needed.


Dynamically bring together individuals, virtual workgroups and teams to facilitate better interaction.

Cloud Solutions

Cisco’s open and interoperable solutions allow you to connect new cloud services to your existing infrastructure.

InaCOMP and Cisco offer the most effective way to take collaboration to the next level in your organization. We help our customers create a true unified experience where video, messaging and meetings are available any time, on any device. As a Cisco Premier Partner, our certified sales and engineering staff can design and implement the Cisco solution that is just right for businesses and schools of all sizes. Based on our unique experience and expertise, our solutions can create a real competitive advantage for your organization through improved employee engagement and increased customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and accelerating innovation and growth.

By turning every device into a secure, all-in-one communication workspace, we can reinvent collaboration together. The InaCOMP team are Cisco experts and apply innovative proven technology to create an unparalleled experience across devices and endpoints, regardless of location.  The Cisco solution offers seamless mobility and single number reach for your entire workforce, the gold standard of secure, mobile-ready collaboration technology, and simplified deployment and management maintained on a single network with a single point of contact for support.

What is the business value of improving collaboration? How do you create a more collaborative work environment?  How do you empower employee engagement and innovation?  The ideal solutions combine culture with technology to help you meet your business objectives:

  • Customer Satisfaction – create more interactive and collaborative relationships with customers

  • Productivity – simplify communications and accelerate decision making

  • Cost Control – Reduce the total cost of IT ownership and adapt more flexibly to change by simplifying technology

  • Employee Engagement – provide employees with better access to information, flexible work options and more ways to participate

  • Innovation – accelerate the development of new ideas to support new products, process improvements and growth

The key to meeting increased customer expectations is to provide service through the channels that customers choose – how and when they have the need for it.  Evolving your customer interaction strategies and using collaborative technology can lead to:

  • Faster problem resolution

  • Greater customer loyalty

  • Better customer information to identify, locate and connect with experts and share expertise efficiently using high quality audio and video

  • More efficient contact centers that create more interactive customer relationships by extending traditional contact center capabilities with video, social media, and on-demand experts

  • Integration of collaboration and communications into applications and business processes

Video places people at the center of the collaboration experience.  It empowers them to work together in new ways that accelerate innovation and allow organizations to do more with less.  Video conferencing is the next-generation interactive standard, where everyone, everywhere can be face to face and more effective.  How do these solutions support innovation?

  • Eliminate organization and geographic boundaries by bringing dispersed groups together in secure virtual rooms

  • Help eliminate geographic barriers by facilitating scalable and highly secure voice, video and file sharing

  • Accelerate decision making and innovation by making face to face video from the desktop simple

  • Create more opportunities for interaction by enabling mobile workers and BYOD, making it easy to use mobile devices as an extension of your corporate network

  • Identify, locate and connect with experts when and where you need them

  • Improve communications and relationships by helping people meet face to face over distance, without costly travel expenses

As the work environment becomes more mobile and dispersed, it can be a challenge to keep employees fully engaged.  Executives have to demonstrate consistency, communicate often, and align business practices throughout the organization.  Collaboration is fundamental to employee engagement.  Organizations need solutions that can make it easier for employees to work away from the main office, with highly secure access to resources that match what is available in corporate offices.

Using Cisco Unified Communications to connect teams and information, we can enable comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences.  Your organization can:

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors and customers with the information and expertise they need

  • Access and share video on the desktop, on mobile devices, and on demand.  And it’s just as easy as making a phone call

  • Dynamically bring together individuals, virtual workgroups and teams to facilitate better interaction

  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network to allow works to be productive from anywhere

To stay ahead of the competition, your teams and stakeholders need to communicate effectively and act decisively.  Collaboration tools need to be easy to use and delivery exceptional results.  Cisco and InaCOMP can help you with:

  • Right-sized, right-priced solutions that are easy to use, manage and deploy

  • Empowering employees, customers and partners to collaborate simply, on any device

  • Professional services that help you plan, deploy and support your collaboration solution and your investment

By creating a unified collaboration approach that includes video, voice, content sharing, messaging and chat, your organization can:

  • Improve the quality and speed of decisions

  • Increase employee engagement, mobility and productivity

  • Reduce workplace, travel and IT operational costs

  • Enhance customer relationships

Are you looking to extend the value of your existing investments with a cloud or hybrid collaboration solution?  Cisco’s open and interoperable solutions allow you to take advantage of new cloud services and connect them with your existing infrastructure.  Ask us about the wide range of solutions from the Cisco Cloud or Cisco Powered cloud services from certified partners.

Gartner predicts that through 2017 30% of unified communication projects will fail to meet their objectives because the technology they put into place does not support the growing need for a simple, unified collaboration experience.  That’s why choosing the right partner can be the key to a successful project.   When you partner with InaCOMP, we leverage our proven process to help your organization maximize business outcomes.  We start with an open exchange of ideas and a thorough discovery to document and detail the collective objectives of the project.  We develop a solution mapped to the business requirements and present the solution in a meaningful way that is relevant to all stakeholders.  After the project is completed, we take the time to openly discuss whether we accomplished the desired outcome and highlight what worked well and how we can improve in the future.  Our edict is to create lifetime customers because at the end of the day, what matters to us is not only what we do, but how we do it.


At InaCOMP we firmly believe that together, we can make anything possible because we are a company that inspires performance.  We just happen to be in the technology business.   Reach out to us today to discuss your unique collaboration objectives.