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Chromebook Service Request for West Bloomfield Schools

West Bloomfield School District Logo

Welcome students, staff and parents of

West Bloomfield School District! 

This site is for non-warranty repairs for HP and Samsung Chromebooks only.

Attention Parents:

Chromebook Repair Service Request Procedures

 Important: Please Read Below

*        Parents requesting diagnostic and repair services for Samsung or HP Chromebooks may submit a request for service on the West Bloomfield Repair Portal via the Internet at www.inacomp.net/wbsd .

*        Beginning September 15, 2016, parents or a designate will be required to deliver the unit to the iCenter at the student's respective school. Weekly pickups are scheduled each Thursday morning at all district iCenter secondary buildings (Abbott, Orchard Lake, High School). After submitting your request, please print a copy of the service request and insert it between the display and keyboard of your Chromebook. Make a copy for your records, and deliver the unit to the iCenter by Wednesday of a particular week.  

*        Repaired Units will be returned to the requesting parent via UPS Business Ground Services at the return address you specify. The UPS package will require an adult signature upon delivery by the UPS carrier. No "drop shipping" will be authorized. In lieu of shipping, a parent may waive shipping and retrieve the unit from our service office once notification is made that the unit has been repaired and available for pick-up. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM only.

*        After weekly pickups, parents will be contacted via phone to pay a diagnostic fee of $25.00, and an optional shipping/handling fee of $18.50 for return delivery if shipping is requested. Repaired units are not returned to the respective school buildings. Upon payment, the unit will be diagnosed and a subsequent call made to inform the parent of the parts cost. Payment for the repair parts will be requested at that time, and may be processed by phone. For your own security, please do not email payment details. 

*        Existing parts prices will remain in effect, unless otherwise indicated.

*        As a more expedient alternative to weekly pickups from the District, units may be dropped off at the InacompTSG office in Southfield, Michigan at your earliest convenience. The building address is:

17250 West 12 Mile Rd. Southfield MI, 48076  Suite 201

*        Please ensure that a convenient contact number is provided at the time of drop-off to help expedite the repair parts payment and process the shipping to the preferred delivery location. Reasonable effort will be made to make convenient contact via phone, and a confirming email request will also be sent. If no response is received within 2 weeks of diagnosis, the unit will be returned (unrepaired) to the designated address via UPS if shipping was initially purchased, otherwise the unit will be returned to the district ACS building for retrieval by the parent. Please note that subsequent requests for repair will be processed as outlined.

  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY The maximum cost for repairing a unit will be $100.00. Should the quoted repair parts cost exceed $100, a flat fee of $100 will be charged by the District and the initial diagnostic fee of $25 will be refunded by InacompTSG to the parent. The district will subsequently issue a replacement unit for your student through the student's iCenter after the district is provided proof of payment.

Please complete the following information to initiate a Service Request.


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